L'homme le plus sexy de 2016 selon People, c'est...

Publié mardi le 15 novembre 2016
Indice : on va bientôt entendre sa voix dans un film d'animation.

Mais oui ! Il s'agit bel et bien de Dwayne The Rock Johnson, ex-lutteur faisant partie de la troupe des films Fast and Furious, il prêtera sa voix au demi-dieu Maui dans Moana, prochain film des studios d'animation de Disney. Ah oui, aussi, le voici au gym avec d'adorables petits pitous !

Who's ready to adopt? DM @laurenhashianofficial and we'll get back to you. Theae are the two gorgeous fur babies we rescued from the streets last week. I nicknamed them after two of my fav gorgeous ladies, @jlo and @Beyonce;). A mama and her baby girl. We had them spayed and all blood work and shots taken care of. Now they're ready for an amazing family to take them in. Hundreds of families have already requested to take them home so please keep the requests coming! Again, DM @laurenhashianofficial and leave your information and we'll be getting back to you. Universe works in mysterious ways and for some reason we were meant to find these two lovelies roaming the streets and terribly malnourished. Now they're famous and licking the sweat off my face😂🙌🏾. #AdoptionTime #JLoAndBeyonce #Hawaii

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