HAHA : ce gars se « photoshoppe » dans les photos de Kendall Jenner

Noovo Noovo Publié lundi le 07 novembre 2016

Voici Kirby Jenner, un moustachu qui s'intègre aux photos de Kendall Jenner pour notre plus grand plaisir.

Voici quelques-unes de ses créations, qui font des clichés de la mannequin de toutes nouvelles oeuvres ! Chose certaine : il aime les sandwiches :)

I don't usually like getting too sentimental on Instagram... but here's a throwback to the greatest day of my life. Batman’s my hero cause he teaches us so many dope life lessons about being a good person and the importance of dedication. He didn't clean up Gotham overnight! "Every journey begins with a single step....” are words I live by. (I don't think Batman said that, I saw it on a poster that had a canoe on it... But still, dope words.) On this day we laughed, we cried, I cried some more and then passed out from heat exhaustion. I woke up 3 hours later in the medical tent at the Mall of America with a Capri Sun in one hand and a bump on my head. Yeah, I missed the entire movie. And yeah my sisters forgot me and mom had to come pick me up. But just sitting in the batmobile reminded me of my own personal journey to become my own "batman." Besides, like mom always says, "Kirby, memories are like permanent brain movies that always live inside of you... Now hold my purse and mimosa and wait in the car." #BestDayEver #brainmovies #canoeposter

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